My name is Honey, and I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption with probably another ‘phoney’ story.  I was supposedly being kicked by a young man, and a young girl walking down the street saw this, saw me run towards her, grabbed me and continued… Hmmm… That sounds all nice, but not very convincing when you look more  into it…..

So for two weeks I lived with a young girl who ‘saved’ me, but the got fed up and called Sophie to take me in, which she understood I had justs been ‘rescued’ from the street…. Hmmmm..

She named me Honey, and I am really a sweet girl.  I am about 4 months old, maybe Rottie or Dobie, with some Shepherd, maybe Bernese, it’s hard to say.  Shepherd feet, Rottie face, white patch on my chest, what Sophie calls a 100% pure mutt!

I know my name, know how to sit, am learning not to jump in the bowl of food/water, in other words, learning some good manners.  I am getting the hang of housetraining, but will need some positive reinforcement to really get it.

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