My name is Brigitte, and I have a sad story despite my young age of barely 18 months. I somehow ended up at the vet to be euthanized, just ‘because’. It seems I lived with 2 senior ladies (very senior), one with Alzheimer, one affected with Senility, and the older one was hurting me. So the younger sister, brought me to the vet to have me euthanized, in order to save me from being hurt.

So….. here I am, at Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I am very sweet, even though a little skittish, have taken a liking to her adult son, so guys are more my thing. I am very stressed around senior ladies (no offense to anyone), but I can certainly learn to come around and be trusting with time, patience and love.

I am a little anxious still, so a bit whiny at times, but not a barky dog. I am getting along with all the dogs here, small, big, pitbull, dominant, submissive, I just walk away from the ones I don’t care to be around.

I am clean, don’t chew stuff up, bark at the door, but not at everything I hear, and am learning to be crate-trained as I feel safe and secure in my little space.

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