This is my new look, shaved from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail. And the alien cone on my head is so I don’t chew myself up. You see, I had a problem with my glands and that caused massive irritation on my butt. It has to heal so I get to wear this stupid thing.

As for the new look, the groomer who did this couldn’t be bothered to detangle and brush at least some of my matted hair and took the easy way out and shaved me right down. Even the tail! Can you believe it? I feel like a rat and I look like one, but as Sophie says it will grow back.

I’m back with Sophie as this little gland problem stressed out my foster home, Sophie couldn’t rush over there as quickly as they would have liked and so took me to the vet. I came home feeling lighter, but continued rubbing my butt as I was irritated. That stressed them out some more so off we went again to the vet. After a lot of try this, try that, try the other, I was sent home with antibiotics, pain killers and hypoallergenic food and that didn’t help. So I went back for a third time and in the end, anti-diarrhea pills were prescribed at that time by an emergency vet and everything else was to be thrown out.

It’s obvious that my foster home was taken advantage of as Sophie has never had a dog that had a gland problem running a $700 bill. It’s sad to see that a majority of vets are as “honest” as car mechanics.

One thought on “Idefix”

  1. I miss him soooo much … I can’t even take his picture off my cellphone to put one of my son, I still can’t believe I had to give him away, he was such a good dog with me and my son, I know he loved me a lot and I still cry when I think of him, even over 1 year after i gave him up… I hope he is with a good family that will understand him and help him have a nice life ‘cuz if I would have been able to give him that good life I would have been more than glad to have that chance… I still love him and will never forget him……. I can’t throw away pictures or things I still have of him… Please take good care of him !!!!!! Thanks

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