Hi my name is Twilight but my foster mommy calls me snuggle bug because that is my favorite thing to do.

I am a very affectionate girl that loves to give kisses and get praise when I do good things. I love all people little and big so I am ok for any family. I am looking for a family that can give lots of love and that will keep me forever.

I have made a lot of progress with my walking on leash, I love to run at the dog park and sniff everything. I am working on getting along with other canine friends because I get a little nervous around them. I currently live with a dog and a cat. I love to play tug a war with the other dog of course and with the laser pointer with the cat.

I also love to eat and have been known to eat things that were for my foster mommies if I was left alone, but I have made progress in that department too. I am a very agile girl and love to learn tricks.

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  1. Dear Sophie & Rick: I am taking good care of “Lola” — known to you as Tin Lizzie. She is now 8 years old but I got her from you a year ago New Years Day. What a gift this poor little mute baby has been, learning to walk (well, stumble, actually)..I am still interested in looking for a 2nd poodle or small mixed dog. i’d like one with a voice box, but not a barky type. any thing else, age etc. is optional.

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