Idefix & Tinkie Winkie

Tinkie Winkie and myself (Idefix), just got dropped of in Candiac to a foster home who couldn’t decide which one of us to foster, so they decided to take both of us for a couple of days to see if they can handle the two. If not they will decide which one of us they will keep fostering and the other one will need a new foster home.

I’m kind of hoping that they will keep both of us, that way I can keep Tinkie company (since he doesn’t like being all alone) and it would save one of us from having to move again.

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  1. heyy
    i always wanted a dog and lets say i wanted on of these two would i be able to get one separate? or would i have to adopt both of them ?

  2. If anyone is interested in these dogs, I fostered Tinkie Winkie and he is a wonderful dog. I work 9 to 5 so I was not the ideal match for him because of his separation anxiety. If it weren’t for his separation anxiety, I would have taken him without a second thought. He listens so well, doesn’t try to run away in the park, walks well on leash, and doesn’t get easily distracted or excited. He really needs a home with another dog (unfortunately, I’m not ready to have two dogs) or someone who is home during the day. He would make a wonderful addition to any family as he is great with people of all ages! I hope him and Idefix get to stay together. They seem like a good match.

    1. I agree, he is a sweetheart. I’m worried that I will suffer from separation anxiety when he leaves us.

    2. I know. I was extremely sad myself. Still think of him every day. Are you fostering him with Idefix? Are they going to stay together?

    3. Hi Tina, Raymond and I are fostering them right now – we realize Tinky is very attached to people and another dog does not distract him. Actually, it aggravates the problem – when one stops barking, the other one starts – they instigate each other (captured on video).

      Idefix, on the other hand, sleeps by himself every night while Tinky has to sleep in our bedroom – nothing holds him: the gate he jumps, the door he scratches and the leash is all chewed up. Leaving the radio on and Idefix to make him company does not work but there are still some other tricks to try with him :o)

      Next up will be a kong stuffed with treat to keep him busy. We could also try a crate and maybe a lemon spray collar. Have you tried any of these?

    4. Oh, Denise, my heart breaks when I think of Tinkie not being able to sleep by himself (knowing that you are home). He slept by my bed, but not close to me (in my closet actually – I could not even find him in the morning). I completely understand what the two of you are going through (the chewed door and all). Do try the kong (he seemed to like it though it didn’t keep him quiet because the neighbours still complained…however, it depends on the length of your trip…he was rather OK when I would go get the laundry or just to the store; somehow, he knew I would not be gone for long). He managed to move the crate several metres across the room both times I tried, but I suggest giving it another go (he was alone for 9 hours with me so I didnt want to think of this as a long-term option with any of my dogs but do give it another go!). As for the collar, he tore it off himself and pushed it out of his crate. But Sophie says there have been some bad batches so perhaps that was from the bad batch that did not spray properly. Please let me know what happens. I hope for the best. Maybe you will have more luck than I did. Does he still have the bed I gave to him or any of the toys (Odie and Chewbacca)?

    5. Right now it’s not that much of a problem – we only leave the house to do groceries or to go bicycle riding (max 2 hours) and I’m actually considering bringing him along in a doggie basket or carrier. The good thing is we found out he loves chew toys and bones so we could use that to help him with the separation issues. Otherwise, he’s very sweet and listens to us. Hubby finds it particularly hard to not greet him when we return home and he’s so happy to see us, wagging his tail with a toy in his mouth – supposedly, feeding the excitement of reuniting does not help dogs with separation anxiety.

      At home he’s calm and mellow but very energetic at the dog run – he could play rough with a 1 year old boxer 5 times his size! He’s funny and bossy around Idefix and will take him by his leash or collar and pull him around.

      Come winter time we do travel and if we keep him forever, we want to be sure he’ll be fine in a good boarding place or if we bring him with us, that he’ll be fine on his own at least a couple of hours. As he got used to you, he might get used to our routine and understand that we aren’t away for long. Anyway, we enjoy having him with us at all times and I’d bring him along in a backpack everywhere if he weighed just a couple of kgs, though still something to consider ;o)

    6. Hi Denise,
      Gosh that image sounds familiar – Tinkie wagging his tail with a toy in his mouth. Usually he was all wet too, his ears dripping, cause he had knocked over his water bowl and been rolling in the water! Keep me posted on the progress. I can’t imagine him being bossy. But, yes, I did notice his energy levels and his athleticism! Will you plan on keeping him long-term if no one adopts him – asking since you mentioned the winter months?

    7. I’d like to keep them both but the deal made with hubby is to only foster for now.

    8. So Denise, have you decided which one you are keeping? How is Tinkie doing? Did he keep Odie and Chewbacca as toys or all they all chewed up?

    9. We filled out an adoption form for Tinkie and now we’re waiting a response from Sophie.

      What do Odie and Chewbacca look like? He came to us with some new toys, his fav. is a squeaky beige butterfly.

      Right now he’s stuck in a crate guarding a treat – and we thought he wouldn’t want to go inside the crate so Ray put a dentabone to lure him in and now he won’t come out.

      He’s full of surprises that lil’ one.

    10. Please let me know if Tinkie Winkie needs a home. We are a couple with a baby (1 years old) and we are mostly home during the day. We live in Cote St-Luc near lots of parks. We are looking for a happy dog to complete our family!

  3. Hey why the attitude about answering the question? Seems you would get more people to adopt dogs by just answering their question than by bitching at them to read the post. Turns off people to the adoption website when someone is a cranky ass in their response.

    1. Because these “lets say” questions are really a waist of time. I don’t care if it turns people off as you’re not adopting the human that replies, it’s the dogs that count and they could care less about these “lets say” questions humans are asking over and over again. The reason for this website is so people (the humans) “read” before asking questions, and to post “comments” (not questions!) it saves time…

      Obviously he can be adopted out alone as Tinkie Winkie has been adopted. If this foster decided to take both, that means what? we didn’t ask for them to take both thus they can live alone, but because of the separation anxiety the “potential” foster offered to take them both for the time being.

      The problem won’t get fixed by “adopting” them both out, but getting rid of the anxiety issues. But hey it’s what tons of people do in today’s society, they put a bandage on the boo-boo in “hopes” it gets fixed… If these comments turns someone off from adopting so be it, every dog will find home either way. We don’t do this for people but for the dogs. Sophie doesn’t just find “any” home, but she find the “right” home. The “right” homes usually come by the handful in Quebec, the “any” home can be “anyone” and Sophie ain’t looking for a quantity of adoptions, but quality adoptions.

      If they don’t like what they read, they can go elsewhere it’s not the dogs in need of home that’s lacking in Montreal, it’s the lack of good homes… People need to consider that posting comments is step 1 of the screening process…

      If you want a cranky ass response it’s above ^


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