Jolly Jumper

It’s Jolly Jumper, and even though I’m a jumper, I will not be bouncing around from place to place as I today I went into one of Sophie’s best foster homes. If I remain as good as I have been at Sophie’s and keep getting along well with Henry, my foster buddy, I am almost sure to stay there until I find a permanent family.

So now I’m ready to go the chop-chop shop (to be sterilized) get my vaccines and start a little training to make me into the most wonderful and Jolliest Jumper there is.

My foster home will find out more about my personality and update Sophie so she can find me the perfect match.

4 thoughts on “Jolly Jumper”

  1. Jolly Jumper is doing well. He has been here for about a month. We are having a lot of fun & exercise with him everyday
    (Now Jolly Jumper is exercising min 2 times/1h30 a day with bicycle, but he would be happy to do his business more than 3 times a day. We also go to the dog-park more than 3 times a week.)
    He stays in his cage when we are not home. He has not complained about staying in the cage. At night he will go to cage himself and sleeps in the cage all night without any complaints.
    He never breaks anything inside the home.
    He loves to eat. But, the first week when we got him, I guess he was little nervous. He could not finish his meal, but after one week, he can eat normally.
    Before his meal, he can do “sit” “down” “give me paw” he got sit and down in the first few days with us.
    He won’t bark at the front door when people are passing by. He gets distracted when somebody is outside home, but it is so easy to control him that he does not charge at the door.
    Inside the home, he is a nice and easy-going dog. Calm, playful and loves to lie down on the couch.
    he often plays with my dog (a male Boston Terrier) – they are so cute together

    He pulls a lot when we take a walk. I think that is the only issue i have with him. He reacts towards other animals -except people. Especially with small animals as he wants to go chase them & play. And he wants to sniff all the time. He become a very curious puppy when he is outside.
    When we went to the country side with dogs, the place we stayed at had 2 other dogs (Lab/Pit mix and Chihuahua) Jumper was so good with Lab-mix, but he attacked the Chihuahua.
    At the dog-park, he was nice to every Chihuahua that he met and also many small breeds. But he dominates fearful dogs regardless of size and breed. I think that his castration will change that behavior.
    He loves running with the bicycle. Almost every morning, he has been running with me. When he is running, he does not get distracted by anything. I need to pay attention to him a lot, the more we exercise him, the more independent he becomes.
    He is super intelligent just as most Jack Russell, a little insecure and a little stubborn. When I have a treat, it’s so easy to train him. He is ready to learn some more new tricks!!

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