Remember Jika the one year old Sheltie mix that Sophie went to work with? Well that’s me! Here I am looking for a foster and or forever home, as my “family” has decided that I am going to be too much for their life style and therefore may not be able to give me what I really need as far as exercise.

They have gone away for the week-end so I am staying in one of Sophie’s experienced part-time foster home who helps work on some of my foster buddies who may have issues. She has evaluated me as well, will continue the work with me during those two days and agrees with Sophie that I am very workable but have been under-socialized, under-exercised and definitely uneducated.

So with an Alpha person, experienced, knowledgeable, energetic and knows my type of breed can defiantly make me into the absolutely perfect little gal. I just need that chance to learn.

Ideally I’m looking for a foster home by Sunday as my “family” has gotten somewhat attached to me but knows that I am not the dog for them and would prefer I don’t return Sunday night as it will be to emotional to keep me until I get adopted.

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  1. Update on Jika…after having her back for 2 more weeks of rehab, I must say that Jika has improved tremendously. Her social skills are great with people, cats and dogs and even kids. She will still bark from time to time (She is a Sheltie after all) but will stop on command. This only happens if she’s at the beginning of her walk and she sees another dog outside. Once Jika has had the chance to get into “the zone” on her walks, she can pass by dogs and not even acknowledge them. She’s a high-energy, playful and very intelligent girl who needs to be stimulated with regular exercise, games and, of course, plenty of affection once she’s been worked and is calm and submissive. She needs an assertive pack leader for sure. She would do great in agility classes. That would be the most wonderful bonding experience for her and her owner. She’s so eager to please and very obedient when her needs for exercise are fulfilled.

  2. Hello Annie,

    This is Jika’s foster home. Thank you so much. You’ve done a tremendous job with her. We’ve noticed she’s a lot more responsive to our verbal commands to stop barking. Yes she does bark, but not incessantly anymore. Currently we have two foster dogs, Jika and Raynelle who is only 10 weeks old. Jika is wonderful with Raynelle and has taken on a big sister role. Once again, thanks for all the work you’ve done with Jika. She’s pretty much a model citizen and I completely agree that Jika needs an assertive owner who knows how to be pack leader.

    Thank you,

    Chance & Katherine

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