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They (people) call me Shelby, I am a young female Sheltie who was found as a stray near a local park in Montreal. I’m about one year old, was very scared when I was found, it took over an hour to be able to catch me as I would come up to people but then would run off as soon as they extended their hands or showed me a leash.

Eventually I was caught and when Sophie came to pick me up, I bit her hand out of fear. After more then three weeks, no one seems to be looking for me as there have been no posters put up in the area, no ads posted on the net, no calls into the S.P.C.A and no response to any ads posted about me being found.

Sophie has now decided it’s time to find me a new home. What I’ve been able to show so far, since I cant talk is that I was fully paper trained (it took days before I would even do anything outside), I had never had a leash and collar around my neck (as it took a lot of struggling and some biting to get the collar around my neck), but I have now learned to go out on a leash and do my business outside.

I’m playful and enjoy the company of other dogs, a bit afraid of strangers, more specifically men, but getting better at meeting new people. I am extremely sweet and affectionate, love giving kisses and getting attention from people I trust.

Sophie thinks I may have lived with a senior lady who didn’t really take me out much, however seemed to take very good care of me as I am healthy and have been very well groomed and taken care of.  Someone is probably missing me out there, just like I miss having a home of my own.


Sophie does it once again! She has found me, Jika, a foster home by the end of the week-end as she had hoped. This will limit the further confusion of moving back “home” for a few days, moving into a foster home, to then move again into a permanent home.

As well, it will be less emotional for everyone and will be less time consuming to continue working on my issues with one foster home.

My week-end away was very positive as my evaluation and assessment showed, once again, that I am a great girl and have allot of potential for working through my leash aggression.

This new foster home knows Shelties, has learned through Sophie how to be alpha and show me who’s in charge so I should keep getting better during my stay with them.

I’m looking for a permanent home who will know how to keep me structured and level headed so that I continue to grow and learn how to become a model citizen while out on walks.

Despite this minor setback when encountering other dogs on leash, I really do enjoy the company of other dogs in an off leash environment. I do play in a bit of a dominant way, could be perceived as a bit of a bully if they ignore me but will back off if other dogs get annoyed by me.

Because I’m a new arrival, if I was to find a permanent home shortly, it would be better to be in a family with no children. Hopefully, as my training goes along it will help determine if I in fact like kids.

What I can tell you is that during my week-end, I got to meet 9 different cats and was great with all. I tried annoying the family Pitbull, he told me off and I totally respected him. He was the pack leader and made sure I knew where my place was. What a gentle man he was, he was very polite in explaining the rules and with a smile like his how could you not respect him.


Remember Jika the one year old Sheltie mix that Sophie went to work with? Well that’s me! Here I am looking for a foster and or forever home, as my “family” has decided that I am going to be too much for their life style and therefore may not be able to give me what I really need as far as exercise.

They have gone away for the week-end so I am staying in one of Sophie’s experienced part-time foster home who helps work on some of my foster buddies who may have issues. She has evaluated me as well, will continue the work with me during those two days and agrees with Sophie that I am very workable but have been under-socialized, under-exercised and definitely uneducated.

So with an Alpha person, experienced, knowledgeable, energetic and knows my type of breed can defiantly make me into the absolutely perfect little gal. I just need that chance to learn.

Ideally I’m looking for a foster home by Sunday as my “family” has gotten somewhat attached to me but knows that I am not the dog for them and would prefer I don’t return Sunday night as it will be to emotional to keep me until I get adopted.

Sophie working with Jika

Sophie is on her way back from working with Jika, a one year old Sheltie mix who has some serious leash aggression and barking issues. After being told by Animatch to have her put down, the family turned to Sophie’s Dog Adoption in order to save her life. Since Sophie is full she offered to work with Jika instead. The first session went very well and she will eventually have a wonder life.