Kasper the tiny Maltese, that’s me! I’m 4 years old, weigh about 5lbs and I’m the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. When I first came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, I had some bladder issues, but now that everything has cleared up, I’m pretty good about going to the bathroom in the right place. I have been paper trained, but since I’m a very smart boy I can eventually learn to only go outside.

I’m really sweet, love to be on your lap, a little shy around other dogs and fine with cats. I’m cute and very much look like a stuffed little toy, but you have to keep in mind that I am NOT! I do not want to be a gift for the kids nor do I wanna be seen as a fun toy but rather as a member of the family. That means through thick and thin, for better or for worst, sickness and in health till old age takes me away.

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