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I’m Kiki! I’m looking for a new home and hopefully a new name. I’m a two year old Schnauzer / Maltese but I didn’t look like much until my new haircut.

I have very few bad habits, one is that I was trained on peepee pads and the other is I became quite barky. I used to live with 4 other little dogs and everybody barked and ran around and we really had no structure.

I am however proving to be a quick learner and would probably do best if I’m the only dog. The reason for that is I can pick up or show bad habits as I get easily distracted, alone I would learn faster.

If you love doggy kisses, then I’m your man.

I get along with pretty much everything and everyone, I’m just a happy go lucky little dog who needs a stable and loving home.




My name is Champion and my story is a sad one.  I’m a 5 yr old Maltese mix who was taken in by Sophie’s Dog Adoption just in time or the landlord was sending me to Berger Blanc.

You see, my mom was an elderly lady, not in the best of shape, but she did all she could for me. She sure took me out often for walks and loved me very much. She took me on the bus to go see Grandma, bought little treats and stuff when she could, but was on a low income and not well.  She spoiled me and fed me only soft food so my teeth need a good cleaning which hopefully I will get soon.

Long story short, she fell, fractured her skull and ended up in the hospital.  After three days, it was obvious she was not coming home and I was all alone.  It wasn’t long before the hospital decided she could no longer live alone and was going to be placed, never to return home.  So a good neighbor went to Sophie to ask that she take me in.

I don’t know any commands it seems but I’m no trouble-maker. I’m good with other dogs and cats, even birds, I lived with both a cat and a lovebird.  I’m a little  skittish at first with people when it comes to touching me especially. You need to give me a chance to get to know you first.

I was a lap dog and great company for my old mom. I sure miss my life with her but I’m hoping to find a new forever loving home for myself soon. I like a quiet home with a lot of love and stability.image

Mon nom est Champion et mon histoire est triste. Je suis un Bichon Maltais de 5 ans que Sophie’s Dog Adoption a pris juste à temps car le concierge de l’immeuble allait m’envoyer au Berger Blanc.

Vous voyez, ma mère était une dame âgée, pas très en forme, mais elle faisait tout ce qu’elle pouvait pour moi.

Elle me sortait souvent pour se promener et m’aimait énormément. Elle m’amenat en autobus pour voir GrandMaman, m’achetait des petites gâteries et babioles quand elle pouvait, mais elle vivait d’un maigre revenu et n’était pas en santé. Elle me gâtait et me donnait seulement de la nourriture molle, donc mes dents ont besoin d’un bon nettoyage que j’espère avoir bientôt.

Longue histoire courte, elle est tombée, fracturée son crâne et s’est ramassée à l’hôpital. Après 3 jours, il était évident qu’elle ne revenait pas à la maison et j’étais tout seul. Ça n’a pas été long pour que l’hôpital décide qu’elle ne pouvait plus vivre seule et allait être placée, pour ne jamais revenir à la maison. Donc une gentille voisine est allée voir Sophie pour lui demander de me prendre.

Je ne connais pas de commandes de base mais je ne suis pas un faiseur de troubles. Je m’entend bien avec les autres chiens et les chats, même les oiseaux, je vivais avec un chat et un inséparable. Je suis un peu craintif quand je rencontre quelqu’un la première fois, surtout s’ils veulent me toucher.  Vous devez me donner la chance de vous connaitre avant.

J’étais un chien qui adorait être sur les genoux et on se tenait compagnie moi et ma vieille maman. Je m’ennuie de ma vie avec elle mais j’espère trouver une nouvelle famille pour la vie, qui m’aimera pour la vie. Je cherche un foyer tranquille avec beaucoup d’amour et de stabilité.


You’ll never guess where I came from?  Kuujjuarapik (way way up North)!  Yup, that’s right.  I was an outdoor dog who roamed the cold streets of Kuujjuarapik until someone finally decided to take me off the streets and bring me to Montreal in order to live as a regular house dog.

After all, I’m no Husky like the other dogs Sophie took from my town.  I am a shih-Tzu mix, barely 15 lbs…. and about 2 years old at the most.

Of course I was very matted, so now there’s not a whole lot of hair left on me, but I am still adorable.

I am very sociable, as even though I lived on the streets, I was fed by the whole town.  I love going up to people, I’m affectionate, but I am a bit of a runner.  I have escaped twice from a fenced-in yard, as I want to explore my new surroundings.  I love to go on walks, I could spend my days outside!

I am good with other dogs, not grumpy at all so kids should be fine if they are nice with me, and as far as cats, well… I just think they’re the cutest things!  I love them too.


I am Bentley, the Rolls Royce of little dogs! Cute, adorable, friendly, gentle, affectionate and cuddly…. You can’t get better than that!

I’m a one year old Maltese boy, maybe mixed with something else, but very tiny and very Maltese looking!

I am looking for a new home due to a move and “lack of time” to take care of me. I am all white, so high-maintenance (and I was way overdue for grooming when I arrived) but absolutely gorgeous if brushed and maintained regularly.

I am energetic so a family with kids could be good as I love to play and be around people. But I do have character, so if you don’t structure me, I could easily turn into a little monster. I have shown I don’t like to “share” my food with other dogs, we’re working on that!

Give me the life I deserve and I will make you happy forever!


I’m little Georgi, a six year old male, Maltese / Poodle mix and slightly overweight at the moment. Sadly, my old Mom recently passed away and Dad, being devastated by the events, has gone to live with family members.

I was always with them, but now that there is not always someone with me I became a little anxious. Life has become to stressful for the family members so they called Sophie’s Dog Adoption in hopes of finding me a new home for the rest of my life.

I’m a little shy and nervous around new people but have a very friendly and sweet side once you know me. I had to be shaved down because of a lack of regular brushing, but my hair will grow in somewhat curly.


I’m Ralph and despite my bad luck in my first 6 years in life, I’m already in a potential home. I’m a six year old Maltese, and I’ve already had at least 3 homes that Sophie is aware of. So I’m hoping this will work out and be my final home.

Keep an eye out if you see me on the adoptable side, it didn’t work out. If you see him on the adopted side, it worked out the way I’m hoping :)


Kasper the tiny Maltese, that’s me! I’m 4 years old, weigh about 5lbs and I’m the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. When I first came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, I had some bladder issues, but now that everything has cleared up, I’m pretty good about going to the bathroom in the right place. I have been paper trained, but since I’m a very smart boy I can eventually learn to only go outside.

I’m really sweet, love to be on your lap, a little shy around other dogs and fine with cats. I’m cute and very much look like a stuffed little toy, but you have to keep in mind that I am NOT! I do not want to be a gift for the kids nor do I wanna be seen as a fun toy but rather as a member of the family. That means through thick and thin, for better or for worst, sickness and in health till old age takes me away.


My name is Brigitte, and I have a sad story despite my young age of barely 18 months. I somehow ended up at the vet to be euthanized, just ‘because’. It seems I lived with 2 senior ladies (very senior), one with Alzheimer, one affected with Senility, and the older one was hurting me. So the younger sister, brought me to the vet to have me euthanized, in order to save me from being hurt.

So….. here I am, at Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I am very sweet, even though a little skittish, have taken a liking to her adult son, so guys are more my thing. I am very stressed around senior ladies (no offense to anyone), but I can certainly learn to come around and be trusting with time, patience and love.

I am a little anxious still, so a bit whiny at times, but not a barky dog. I am getting along with all the dogs here, small, big, pitbull, dominant, submissive, I just walk away from the ones I don’t care to be around.

I am clean, don’t chew stuff up, bark at the door, but not at everything I hear, and am learning to be crate-trained as I feel safe and secure in my little space.


Update: I found my forever home and Sophie will finalize my adoption in two weeks once I’m ready for the “chop-chop”.

My name is Ace, I’m nine weeks old and looking for a permanent home. I’m a Maltese / Yorkie mix who was purchased in a pet store less then a week ago by a young couple who just couldn’t resist my cute and pretty face. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was an impulsive decision and they were not ready for such a commitment.

Knowing how easy it is to end up in the wrong hands, they called Sophie’s Dog Adoption and here I am.

There’s not a whole lot to say about such a young guy as myself other than I seem to be a very mellow and submissive little dude. Obviously my whole future and education / socialization will be in your hands.


My name is Cocolita and I’m a wonderful little girl who has been so spoiled that I have become a bit of a princess. I’m about two years old, a Maltese, all white and fluffy and cute as a button.

I’m now looking for a new home because my previous mom didn’t really have any time for me anymore. She had given me away, but that family ended up sending me back after many months. I guess my cuteness wasn’t enough to make me a keeper.

I am really sweet, very friendly, affectionate but I need a very structured lifestyle. To give you an idea my mom had told Sophie that I wasn’t good in the car because I want to be the one that drives. Of course Sophie didn’t let me drive and I have started to learn new rules. Please be my new family and help me turn into a sweet dog and not continue to spoil me rotten.