Leo 2

A sort of Terrier mix named Leo 2, well that’s me! Not sure what I am, have long white/cream hair, have a sort of howl as a bark, short legged, long body and sweet as can be.

I am about 2 years old, male, a good dog but definitely terrier mix, so for someone with experience. I can be stubborn, protective, yet sweet, cuddly and very friendly.

I have a mysterious past, having been rescued about a year ago at the SPCA, unfortunately ended up with a wonderful family with young kids, but not enough experience to deal with my protective side, and I bit the UPS dude, so I had to find a new place.

Ideally, someone with a fairly mellow lifestyle, I wouldn’t do so good with a very busy household, one or two person home would be best. I am “high maintenance” but am very good in the bath, with the dryer, getting my nails done, etc. I am used to it and can be kept beautiful if you wish to have a long-haired dog!

Give me my chance to find that final and lasting home, I too deserve to settle down with a cozy bed, a warm home and loving family.


4 thoughts on “Leo 2”

  1. Please check out Leo’s Facebook page! You can see more photos of him in his present foster home. He is a WONDERFUL dog who deserves a forever family! Will the right family please step forward?
    Leo is truly a loving and good-natured pooch! He likes people and other dogs and plays nicely. He is submissive and gentle. He listens well. And he gives lots of kisses ;-)


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