My name is Sasha, and I am a big, beautiful, brindle female Neapolitan Mastiff. I am 4 years old, and even though I have lived all my life with another Mastiff, a St-Bernard, and most recently a French Bulldog, but I am very dominant with the St-Bernard and am therefore looking for a more suited home. You see, the Saint is very submissive, very old, and I keep picking on her, and it’s just not fair. I am great with all the other dogs in the house, not this one.

As a rule, I seem to be very dominant with female dogs…. However I am great with little dogs, males in general, and absolutely love people.

I am not for someone who thinks we’re a “cool breed”, I am for a very experienced Neapolitan Mastiff person, as we are big dogs and can be quite stubborn. But we are very gentle giants, deep inside.

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