Levi 3

After a couple of weeks back with Sophie’s Dog Adoption I have become somewhat needy and overly anxious. Even though I’m very impressive, I really am just a big baby who would love to be with someone all the time.

I’m wonderful with all dogs, have no problems with cats and a very friendly and affectionate dude with people I know. I am a Shepherd, so defiantly have that guard dog instinct and will defiantly protect my turf, be it the house, yard or car, I will let people know that I am here. I can at times get a little over protective and will need to learn that not all strangers are bad people.

My stay at Sophie’s is not helping my stress level as she has no time for all of us (the gang) and I’m lacking exercise. I was never happy being alone but in my last home I had another dog to keep me company. Since I’ve lost him, I can’t say that I really enjoy playing with the guys at Sophie’s since they’re half the size of my nose, and would rather go on the road with Sophie all day.

I’m somewhat of a Houdini, I can get out of locked cages, open doors, windows and gates. If I cannot escape I will cry like a baby until I finally see a human I like.

I’m a bit of a challenge both in terms of fostering and adoption as right now I need someone who is very available to work with me on this issue, so needs to be someone who is home allot or who can take me everywhere with them. I really do enjoy the car and can easily stay and protect it while you’re running errands. I guess I figured out that someone always comes back to the car so I have never freaked or panicked when left alone in it.

Sophie jokes around and says it’s to bad this is not Florida because then I could live in the car. And believe me no one would try to break into that car or think of stealing it. I would scare them right into the street, messing their pants.

If you need a big baby like me who will protect you and you’re stuff then contact Sophie as I need both a foster and or my final and forever home.

2 thoughts on “Levi 3”

  1. I am willing to foster – I already have a Shepard mix and walk her daily so taking another dog will not affect my daily routine.

    I would love to help out and maybe if all goes well…. add to our family.

    Call me at 514-604-8891

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