The statistics don’t lie! First it was Levi 3, then it was Bert and now it’s me, Maverick, who has been returned almost after four years.

Back in 2006 I was a sweet teenage pup, adopted by what I had hoped would be my forever home. Sophie always makes sure there is plan in case of divorce or babies and she was told Mom would never give me up regardless of what life brought her. Grandpa had also told Sophie if there ever was an unforeseeable situation, he would take me in. Unfortunately I came back at the age of four, again looking for a home, and that was almost two years ago. So yoi guessed right, I’m now closer to 6.

You see, there was a separation and I went to stay with Mom. However after two years of being single, now having a “career” that is taking off, now living in a condo, she has decided that I no longer fit her lifestyle. She told Sophie that she feels trapped, I have made her a prisoner, that she loves me very much but it would be selfish for her to keep me as I need more then what she can give me (yea right!).

So the bottom line is I was young, I was cute, I was fun and now I guess I’m just a big black dog. The cuteness is gone, the puppyness is gone and I’m just now a big 90 lbs dog who needs more then she was willing to give me.

I’m great with dogs, kids, people but I don’t do so well around cats, squirrels, bunnies and etc…Les statistiques ne mentent pas! En premier c’était Levi 3, ensuite Bert et maintenant c’est moi, Maverick, qui a été retourné après presque quatre ans.

En 2006 j’étais un cute chiot adolescent, adopté par ce que j’esperais serait ma famille pour toujours. Sophie s’assure toujours qu’il y a un plan en cas de divorce ou bébé et elle s’était fait dire que Maman ne m’abandonnerait jamais peu importe ce que la vie lui amènerait. Même grandpère avait dit qu’en cas de situation difficile, il serait là pour moi. Malheureusement je suis revenu à l’âge de quatre ans, et ça fait maintenant bientôt deux ans. Donc vous avez deviné juste, j’ai bientôt six ans.

La raison est une séparation, au début je suis resté avec Maman. Mais après deux ans seule, et ayant maintenant une “carrière” qui commençait, habitant un condo, elle a décidée que je ne faisais plus parti de son style de vie. Elle a dit qu’elle se sentait coincée, que je la rendais prisonière, qu’elle m’aimait beaucoups mais qu’il serait égoiste pour elle de me garder, car j’ai besoin de plus qu’elle ne peut me donner (yeah right!).

Donc au bout de la ligne, j”étais jeune, j’étais mignon, j’étais amusant et maintenant je ne suis qu’un gros chien noir. L’air mignon est parti, le chiot en moi est parti et je suis maintenant un gros chien de 90 lbs qui a besoin de plus que ce qu’elle était prête a me donner.

Je suis super avec les chiens, enfants, gens mais je n’aime pas du tout les chats, écureuils, lapins, etc…

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  1. I am lucky enough to foster this beautiful big boy! He’s as gentle as giants come (unless you’re a cat or squirrel…) But he walks well on the leash is a very good listener. He understands basic commands in French and English and just for fun, I’ve started to teach him Indonesian. He picks things up very quickly and is super friendly.

    Here are some photos:

    Although, because he’s so dark, he kind of blends into himself. In person, however, there is no denying how incredibly handsome and gorgeous he is. In fact, we’ve received may compliments.

  2. The longer Maverick stays with us, the more we wonder, why has no one inquired about him? Has the world gone topsy turvy? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Maverick is the most obedient dog I’ve fostered (I’ve fostered six dogs to date). He’s excellent with kids and good with most dogs. He doesn’t care much for Huskys but he’s super sweet with the other neighborhood dogs. Twice, there was a little white fluff-ball of terror who ran up to him and bit him in the face. Maverick backed up and sat down. He cocked his head to the side and looked quizzically at this very angry little tornado as if to say, “Are you kidding me? You’re half the size of my nose!”

    He’s very well aware of his size and is not clumsy around the house. To date, he has not knocked anything over. He doesn’t jump up on people. This is good, considering he’s a big Labrador. He’s not mouthy at all and will pull away if there’s a human body part near his muzzle.

    Generally speaking, he’s very gentle when taking treats from your hand. Sometimes, he gets a little excited and needs to be reminded to “Be Gentle.” Speaking of which, he’s a very food motivated dog. He loves food, though, he is respectful and if you say, “No,” he will back off. However, we have to keep something heavy on top of the garbage can so he can’t get into it. Apparently, garbage is fair game to him. And bacon. Don’t leave bacon lying around. His favorite word is “manger”. When you say it, he looks at you with incredulous eyes; his pupils dilating so far, you think he’s an anime character.

    He understands basic commands in English and French, however, he’s quicker to grasp the French.

    He’s very affectionate in his own way. He’s not the biggest cuddler, but he will dote on you. He follows you from room to room, always wanting to be near you. And then he’ll lie down and sleep at your feet or near you. When you come home from a long day of school or work, he gets very happy and excited. He spins in circles for a minute and then he’ll stare at you and wag his tail really hard. Then he calms down and you can shower him with love and affection.

    Because of the winter weather, his coat gets dirty so I give him a bath now and then. He’s very well behaved and stays still the entire time while you wash, lather and rinse him. He’s also very good when it comes to grooming him. He stands still while I brush his coat. His nails are a bit of a challenge for me. They’re dark so it’s hard to see the quick. So, rather than hurting him, I take him to a groomer to get his nails clipped. We’ve only had to do this twice in three months and he stands perfectly still when a stranger clips his nails. He also lets me clean his eyes and ears without a complaint.

    With children, he is excellent. We’ve had several kids walk up to us on the street and ask to pet him. Generally, he’s literally taller than these toddlers but he’s the gentlest of giants. He gives them little kisses as they pet his head. We also come across children who are afraid of him because he’s so big. Sometimes they scream, flail their arms and run around like chickens with their heads cut off but Maverick stays calm and cool by my side.

    All in all, Maverick is a good dude. I just hope he finds a fur-ever home soon. This beautiful boy deserves it.

  3. Thie little guy looks amazing, but 2 questions – does he shed a lot? And what’s his energy like? I live in a moderate sized 4 1/2, and was not looking for a big dog… What do you think, can he live in a condo?

    1. Hi Scott. I’m Chance and I currently foster Maverick. He sheds quite a bit but I keep it very much under control because I brush him once or twice a week.

      He’s a medium energy dog. He needs his daily exercise but at home he’s very mellow and chill. I currently live in a 3-bedroom condo with my roommates and he doesn’t even have a crate. We leave him alone while we go to school and he behaves very well at home. He’s never had any accidents and he’s never destroyed anything while we weren’t looking (i.e. furniture, shoes, etc…) However, I wouldn’t leave food lying around.

      So to answer your question, he can most certainly live in a condo. He’s very well behaved inside and outside the house.

    2. Hello, just wondering if maverick is a black lab. we have
      a 3.5 year old black lab already who has agreat temper and
      enjoys long walks thru bois de l’ile bizard daily and would
      not want to spoil that if maverick is not an off the leash type of dog.


  4. So he does chase cats? We have two, and we don’t want a dog that will terrorize them. Also how is he on a leash?

    He looks gorgeous and sweet, but if he’s a cat-chaser…

  5. Would Maverick be content with one walk and lots of love daily? What is his energy level like- any idea how old he is?


  6. goodness, this dog is beautiful! I’m surprised that no one has taken him as he is relatively young, in good health and appears to be good natured. he sounds like an ideal family dog. i would definitely take him if I didn’t live in an apartment.

  7. can’t believe people can leave their dogs like that, when you get a pet it’s for life and after a couple of days you are already in love with that cute little thing. I do have a brown lab and i adore him, i could never give him up and reading Maverick’s story i am really sad for him. Being able to have 2 dogs at home i would definetely take him and he would have so much fun with my doggy running everyday, catching balls and swimming sometimes also. Lab’s are really good tempered dog’s. Sure you will find soon your forever home Maverick.

  8. He sounds absolutely wonderful! We have a large, three-quarters fenced in by cedars backyard, and I was wondering how you think he would do in this situation. My family likes to play outside a lot and would love for him to join us :)

  9. Hi Sophie or Rick. I left you a text on your cell about fostering Maverick through to end of September, if it’s any help. I don’t need any food or whatever, but we should talk about shots and medical history. If you got it or not, can you please let me know? Thnks.

  10. I’m so sorry Rochelle, I never go on my own website… No time. I did get your voicemail a while back, but never had the chance to call back at a reasonable hour. Maverick in fact does NOT need a foster home at this point, the young girls who are taking care of him have worked out their schedules.

    However if you are interested in fostering, I have other dogs who could possibly do well with you, of course they are always vaccinated and most of the time sterilized before even going to foster. The best way to reach me is either e-mail directly or by phone. Thanks – Sophie

    1. Hi

      We would be interested in adopting Maverick. Obviously we would need to meet him first.
      We have a young daughter (2) and my wife is home everyday and we have plenty of space indoors and out.
      Could you let us know if he’s still available and what we would need to do to take this further please?

      Many Thanks

      John Charlton

  11. I’ve had Maverick in my home for over three years, he and my other rescue dog Shaka love eachother, unfortunalty the same isn’t true for my wife and I. If he makesit back to you (he most probably will…) I would love to have him back.

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