Raymond & Raynelle

Raymond & Raynelle back at Sophie’s until someone can take us in. We spent two days with someone who started teaching us stairs, going outside and we’re attempting walking on a leash.

We’re both growing, are becoming very playful but that also means we are becoming a handful. Ideally we would still need to be fostered together, unless two foster homes with adult dogs who can teach us the ropes could be good as well.

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  1. Would these pups be safe in Ontario? We are currently a foster family with another Rescue Organization, we’d be interested in fostering one or both of these babies. I am at home all day and we have a female (spayed) Boxer mix who would be happy to help out.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I live in Montreal and have followed this rescue shelter on facebook for a while now. The story of these puppies really caught my attention because I have an american pitbull terrier and I am absolutely in love with this breed. He’s 3 yrs old and really great with other dogs (I had a 13 yr old schnauzer that lived with us). I would love to help out by fostering the female. Please let me know if you are still in need of help. Thanks!

    1. They got their shots on Saturday and Raymond has a pending application. Raynelle, Rayko, Rayann and Raylen are the ones presently available for adoption.

      Raylen and Rayann will be needing a new foster home by Friday.


    2. As of right now all the puppies have foster homes, that can change at any time, however we still need a foster for the 3 month old female lab named Augustina.

      Raymond is getting adopted tonight as is Squeaky.

      The first step to fostering is by filling out a foster application that I’ll have Sophie send you by email later on tonight, as we are both on the road all day. She can then contact you about the dogs and or puppies still needing foster homes.


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