I’m Augustina a three month old black Labrador, I arrived at Sophie’s Dog Adoption early this morning. I’m not sure how I ended up alone on a country road out in the middle of no where as I was probably sleeping when I was dumped by whoever brought me out there.

I’m not sure why someone did this to me, but I assume it may have to do with small warts that are appearing all over my little body.

So when the “dog catcher” in Huntingdon caught me, he knew he couldn’t bring me to the local pound as it would be an automatic death sentence. You see, in Quebec dog pounds, if you have any booboos, illnesses or injuries you become a death row inmate but your misery doesn’t end until your death sentence arrives. You never get to see a vet to make you feel better, you just sit in a cage until the vet is scheduled to put you out of your misery or worst yet stick you in a gas chamber.

As I arrived on a Sunday, I will be going to the vet tomorrow to see what it is, but Sophie is pretty sure it will not be anything serious. Obviously I now need a foster home, one with no pets in case these little warts are contagious (which in most cases often are). Of course all medication and treatments needed will be supplied to the foster home.

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