Raymond & Raynelle

Hello big world! We are Raymond and Raynelle, also referred to as the “twins” by Sophie. We are the only two of the seven Rays still looking for a temporary foster home together. We have been at Sophie’s since Saturday but someone is taking us for a few days to give her a break.

We are cute as a button, Raymond weighs around 12lbs and Raynelle about 9lbs and we are only eight weeks old.

We are hoping to find a foster home by Saturday who can keep us together two or three weeks.

4 thoughts on “Raymond & Raynelle”

  1. hi, my name is Nancy.
    Id like to know more about the twins if possible. can you describe their tempermants a little. I have an older dog and she needs to be paired with a submissive dog. Is either one of them that type of dog?


    1. At this young age it is very hard to tell. It seems that Raymond is more submissive than his sister, she seems to bully him more at this point. But that could change depending on the environment.


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