Tyson 4 – 33 days in hiding

Well it’s been 33 days, and Sophie got a call today saying that I was starting to really stress out. If I stay here any longer, I may start to develop some issues that I don’t have. My one and only problem so far has been with other dogs.

If someone doesn’t come through soon, it will just get worse for my chances at a life, since stress like this only leads to insanity. And who will want an insane Pitbull?

The other option to a foster home, would be a change of scenery, such as a nice boarding facility that could give me individual playtime and long walks (of course with a muzzle).

A third option, if I have to remain here, would be an experienced person who could take me out for nice long walks on a daily or regular basis.

Of course those last two options require more money, which at this point is not available. So I’m stressing out, Sophie is stressing out, bringing me back to her place is not an option as the inspector would most definitely love to get his hands on me and have me euthanized, especially after this streak of media attention surrounding Pitbulls. Sophie is at a real loss at this point and needs your help to help me.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, open your home or your wallet to get me out of here.

I received this cute card with a $50 donation today and words of encouragement and it made me happy to see people care.

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  1. Hello how are you doing Sophie. Me I am very lonely since moving here in Coaticook ,Quebec, Canada from conneticut back in April of 2010 and I am also unable to work so that means that I have all day and all nights to spend with a dog or as I can say my buddie I also live alone and I go for walks every day to my parents house and they live about 1and 1/2 miles from me . So this is why I am interested in possibly adopting tyson so can you please contact me with his info I mean what kind of breed is he and how old he is and all the things that he loves to do .thank you so much for your time

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