Rocky 4

Rocky 4, that’s me! They say I’m a Boston Terrier but Sophie thinks I may be mixed. I have blue eyes and my face is totally white. Maybe some Frenchie?

I’m about two years old and quite high energy, which is why I’m already on at least my third home at such a young age. I still need to get neutered, which will be done soon, and hopefully that will settle me down a little bit. Right now I’m very annoying to other dogs as I want to dominate everyone, a lot of it is hormonal.

I’m good with cats, even though curious, but could learn to live with them as I’ve been exposed to many.

2 thoughts on “Rocky 4”

  1. i would like some information on fostering dogs, i am going to be moving to montreal in august and i would like to help out as much as i can.
    Does Rocky 4 get along with other dogs/cats?
    Romeo is doing great with Robyn and has learned how to swim in 2007. Such a great dog to have with us !!

  2. i am interested to foster or adopt a small either poodle or terrier.
    I live in an apartment and feel that I need a little dog to get me moving again , i have a large park next to my building.
    I hope you can come up with a little dog for me..I have tons of love to give him.

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