Maya 4

My name is Maya 4, and my story is one of absolute luck and fate! I was being brought in at the Vet’s office by an ‘acquaintance’ to be euthanized as I ‘may have cancer’, and Sophie was there!

She noticed me the minute I walked through the door as I have very special Pug eyes (big and googly!). She started talking to the man bringing me in about my funny looking face, and was told I was here to be put down! After talking to the guy for a while, Sophie and him decided I was going to live despite what my family wanted. So he called my family and explained I was being rescued, and off I went.

Sophie called my family, no one had even taken me to a vet. There is no cancer, just some bladder stones which are causing some bleeding in the urine. I’m on meds, special food, and in a month we’ll see where we stand and Sophie will have me operated on if need be!

Seriously! I love life, I’m absolutely gorgeous, funny looking, have a beautiful coat, and a wonderful personality.

If you are looking for a 40 lb (I need to lose a few pounds), mellow, affectionate Cocker Spaniel, than I’m the one you’ve been waiting for!

One thought on “Maya 4”

  1. Maya has been staying with us for 3 months now. She is absolutely adorable and would really benefit from finding a permanent living situation as she is getting really attached. She is so well behaved, affectionate, intelligent and has a great playful attitude! She definitely is one of the good ones! If you are looking for a loving creature to share your life with she would make a great companion!

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