I’m Silver, the young Australian Shepherd puppy who zipped by the S.C.D.D pound like a Silver bullet, thankfully missing it and landing at Sophie’s Dog Adoption. That was the luckiest day so far but now I had an even better day as I was officially adopted by a wonderful, caring couple.

I’ve been renamed Oliver, and so far have been a very smart and eager to learn puppy, and hopefully will make my new family as happy as they have made me.

Everybody who meets me finds it hard to believe that at barely five months old, I could of ended up on death row since I’m such a gorgeous dog. Goes to show that gorgeous puppies end up in Quebec pounds just as much as old decrepit senior dogs. That’s why Sophie always stresses the fact that a dog is for life.

2 thoughts on “Silver”

  1. **Update !
    Oliver is doing great ! hes about 16months now .
    Yesterday at a dog park in beaconsfield we met another aussie that looked incredibly like him ! the other doggy mommy and i did our research, theyre from the same littler ! The breeder is in st hyacinthe so the odds of us meeting are slim! oliver found his sister ! her name is khaya ! ive never seen him have such a connection with another dog it was unreal. now we know why :)

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