I’m enjoying a nap after running around with my new four legged sister, an 18 month old Lab mix, in the two acre backyard that is part of my new home in Ontario.

All of us 7 Rays are now a little over 4 months old and I’m one of the big boys already weighing 40lbs. It sure looks like I’m going to outgrow Sunshine, our beautiful Mom.

I’m hoping to reunite with my siblings and Mom (who by the way is still looking for her forever home) at Sophie’s future reunions.

One thought on “Rayko”

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I hope that the ladies I was helping with tennis this summer did donate to your charity as they had promised. Rocky (Rayko) has grown to be a very big boy, about 40kg I think. Still thinks he is a “lapdog” and is so loving. Erin has moved to Toronto and Sunny is here all the time to enjoy the property and run around with her son. Sunny lives near High Park in Toronto and gets to go on long walks there and enjoy the huge leash free area.

    Terry Griffin

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