I was found as a stray and just followed someone home.  So far, nobody seems to be looking for me, so I am now up for adoption.

I am possibly a puppymill dog, I was found quite neglected and look like I’ve had puppies in the past.  I had dreads in my hair. only my back had been shaved.

I am probably about 2 years old, very petite (approx, 5 lbs) but very sweet.  I am not a big barker, have learned to be clean in my crate and doing very well with going outside to do my business.

I am friendly, cute, and looking for someone who will love me for me, and not to make money with my puppies as I will no longer be able to have puppies.

I hope to find a home soon so I can make room for other strays, if it wasn’t for Sophie this season, at least 8 of us strays would have ended up at Berger Blanc!!!

2 thoughts on “SilviaSilvia

  1. Bonjour, je serais intéressée par ce chien cependant j’habite au Québec, est-ce que c’est possible d’adopter chez vous quand même ?

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