You’ll never guess where I came from?  Kuujjuarapik (way way up North)!  Yup, that’s right.  I was an outdoor dog who roamed the cold streets of Kuujjuarapik until someone finally decided to take me off the streets and bring me to Montreal in order to live as a regular house dog.

After all, I’m no Husky like the other dogs Sophie took from my town.  I am a shih-Tzu mix, barely 15 lbs…. and about 2 years old at the most.

Of course I was very matted, so now there’s not a whole lot of hair left on me, but I am still adorable.

I am very sociable, as even though I lived on the streets, I was fed by the whole town.  I love going up to people, I’m affectionate, but I am a bit of a runner.  I have escaped twice from a fenced-in yard, as I want to explore my new surroundings.  I love to go on walks, I could spend my days outside!

I am good with other dogs, not grumpy at all so kids should be fine if they are nice with me, and as far as cats, well… I just think they’re the cutest things!  I love them too.

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