Sir McKenzie

I was knighted Sir McKenzie by the Canadian Kennel Club. My glorious days ended when I was purchased to come live in Quebec. I grew  overweight and developed leg problems.

I was surrendered to Sophie’s Dog Adoption after my family separated. I’m a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles. Unfortunately I got so fat that I now weigh close to 50 pounds.

I’m a quiet dog, obviously low energy right now but I hope to get my shape back soon so that I can become active again. So far I’ve demonstrated that I get along with everyone including pets and kids.

I’m looking for a family that will provide all the health care that I will need to keep me comfortable and healthy such as glucosamine and possibly surgery if needed.

Even though I’m only 6 years old I feel ancient and I’m looking for a life of health, exercise and love. Please be the one that will help me rejuvenate.

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