Theo 2

I’m Theo 2, a small and friendly little Yorkshire. I was purchased at Berger Blanc at the age of six month and immediately became very ill from kennel cough developing into¬† serious bronchitis.

Because of that my new family felt sorry for me and treated me like a defenseless little baby. That led to my growing up a little bit bossy and somewhat insecure.

I’m now all grown up, 2 years old, and the youngest human of the family is learning to crawl and I do not care for that. He scares me and I have snapped at him, so my family doesn’t feel capable of addressing my problems with 3 kids in the house.

So I’m looking for someone or a family who will be able to structure me and work with me to make me a great little dog. That doesn’t mean someone who feels sorry for me but rather someone who can be disciplined and teach me how to be friendly with everyone.

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