My name is Slinky, and I am a 2 year old Wire-Hair Dachshund. I am not a ‘show quality’ dog, as my hair is not quite what it should be, and I am slightly larger than your average Dachshund (plus I am overweight right now!), but I am loveable and sweet.

I weigh 33lbs, but should only weigh 25 as per the vet, so I’m on a diet, and will need to get those little legs running to lose that extra fat!

I love kids, other dogs, people, am friendly, affectionate and goofy looking. But I DO NOT like cats, rabbits, ferrets, or any other critters (including birds) as I am a hunter and could hurt one of those little non-canine/non-human species! Other than that, I am not at all dominant, I was ‘attacked’ by a vicious chihuahua (who I could have mistaken for a rat easily!!) and just backed away from her. Not my thing to get into a fight with a dog… just those darn cats and stuff!

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  1. I adopted Slinky (now named Pepe) 3 years ago and she is just the sweetest thing ever. After 2 years of medical problems she was finally diagnosed with Cushings and is now full of energy and spunk. No more extra fat on this lady! She is loyal, cuddly and has the best nose in town. Thank you Sophie for helping her find her forever mom!

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