Sunshine and the 7 Rays

I’m Sunshine the young mom who was found with my 7 newborn puppies. My little Rays are almost seven weeks old and are now quite active, they are huge and have become quite a handful and are driving me and my foster mom crazy.

We are now looking for foster homes who can take my little ones in pairs, as it is too much for one person to handle all seven. This will help with their socialization until they are old enough to leave the nest for good.

I have four boys: Rayko, Raymond, Raylen, Rayven and three girls: Raylee, Raynelle, Rayann and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

You can see more pictures of the puppies taken from their foster homes on Facebook.

Raynelle –

Rayann & Raylen –

19 thoughts on “Sunshine and the 7 Rays”

  1. Sophie,

    Call me, I’ll foster a puppy. Male preferably, and if I had my pic it would be the darkest brindle one, he/she looks very cute…

    I’m just being fussy really, if I can help with the pups by all means let me know.


    1. I understand.

      If you can’t place them all in pairs or are left with one because of the odd number, let me know. The puppy would not be alone though, Havane would be with him/her at all times.



    2. Gaby-

      When I ran into you the other day you said that you had just gotten Albear/Rayven genetically tested… I was wondering if you had gotten the results back yet, as we’re very curious!

      By the way, his brother Albert’s adoption fell through, so he’s going to be staying with us again for a little while (starting tonight) so stop by and say hi anytime!


  2. I am interested in adopting one of the little guys. I have looked for a young dog/pup at the SPCA already and have not been lucky enough to find the one for me. I have had two golden retrievers in the past (aged 12 and 7 before they passed away) and am very experienced with animals. I have just moved to Montreal and have finally settled into my new house so its time to give a dog a new home.

    You can contact me at this email or you may call me at 1-506-292-5154 (my number will change to a local number within a month or so).

    1. The mom is good with cats. All of the puppies and mom are currently in foster homes. Some of the puppies will need new foster homes in about two weeks from now.

      What we need now is forever homes for Sunshine and her pups.


  3. Ill be willing to foster :) i have a female pitt bull who had puppys and she seems to miss them very much she loves puppys very much i also have a daughter and live very close to a dog park. i am a stay at home mom for now, so i seem to have time on my hands since my daughter started school and anything to help an animal always makes me happy!!! pls contact me for information!!

    1. Oh also if they are all placed Ill foster a dog if you need be!!!! i love large dogs bit i also like small but since mine is big and very playfull large dogs seem better! i also have a cat :)

  4. Hi,
    I sent an email a few days ago. I realize it has been 2 months since this post but in pet finder the puppies are still being advertised as available and i am wondering if any of them still are.
    Though i live in a rather small condo (1000 sq ft), i run every morning and there are two dog parks within 2km from my home. I have also found several obedience schools as, though i had dogs as a child, i am not experienced in the training of dogs and would need help.
    Please email me and let me know. I would love to adopt a puppy and though i noticed you don’t want to split them, i figure by now maybe things have changed or there is an odd one left.


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