Tiger 2

Update: I ran away last month and I’ve still not been found.

I’m Tiger 2 a five year old miniature Poodle and ever since my foster home left for vacation at the end of July I have been bouncing around looking for a new foster home.

I had a bad, bad start in life and that has left me very fearful of this big world. Basically strangers freak me out, and everyone is a stranger until they become a friend. I have bitten a couple of times so no one wants to be my friend. This last incident bounced me right back to Sophie because I attacked and ripped someones pants in the park.

I really am a charming sweet loving affectionate little Poodle and get along with all pets (cats & dogs) but I am a one person dog. So no kids and a very calm environment for me is where I will truly shine.

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