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They call me Mikko! But they should call me Little Devil. Cute as a button, a face to make you melt but a personality that wants to rip you apart. What am I you ask? A Boston Terrier puppy who’s not even four months old, but I had a bad start.

I was purchased on the Internet by a young couple who believed they were going to a breeder. But as is the norm in Quebec “breeders” get rid of us as soon as we eat solid food, which is five weeks old.

So here I was separated from my Mom, Dad and siblings and went to my new home where it didn’t take long that I became the boss. Being as cute as I am they just couldn’t “discipline” so they hired some trainers, two of them, and neither one knew anything about how to raise an orphan puppy.


I’m enjoying a nap after running around with my new four legged sister, an 18 month old Lab mix, in the two acre backyard that is part of my new home in Ontario.

All of us 7 Rays are now a little over 4 months old and I’m one of the big boys already weighing 40lbs. It sure looks like I’m going to outgrow Sunshine, our beautiful Mom.

I’m hoping to reunite with my siblings and Mom (who by the way is still looking for her forever home) at Sophie’s future reunions.


My name is Flossy and I arrived from Beirut in December 2009 and I was adopted almost immediately by a wonderful family with a couple of kids who renamed me Cody. I’m about five years old male and having lived in Lebanon all my life, I grew up to be a nervous dog.

Even though this new life in Montreal has been really wonderful for me, I do have some issues which still leave me very nervous around young kids and despite my new family working with me, things are not getting better and I’m not very accepting of the youngest child nor of children who come to visit. I have snapped a few times and even though I have made some progress I really would do better in a calmer environment with no young children. So I’m once again looking for that home who will truly be the right one as I am a real sweetheart.