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I am Doodzy, cute name isn’t it? Well I’m as cute as my name is. I’m a 2 year old Pomeranian mix, male, extremely loving and affectionate, great with all dogs (big and small), and able to stay alone during the day. What more can you ask for? Oh, and I love kids, so that’s an extra bonus!

I am not one of those yappy little guys, will bark pretty much when there’s a reason to, otherwise I’m on the rather quiet side.

If you think I could be a good candidate for you and your family to adopt, don’t hesitate…. Make that move and make me a member of your family. I will give you kisses again and again, and will be your most faithful and loyal companion.

Chanel No. 3

Chanel No. 3! Kind of a glamorous name isn’t it? Well my life has not been glamorous. I’m Chanel, a 8 year old Pomeranian who was purchased as a gift when I was cute little puppy. You see, my “purchaser” was a senior citizen who bought me as a gift for her caretaker. But… the caretaker didn’t want me, however she kept me since she wouldn’t have to take care of me herself.

During all those years, I never saw a vet, never went out for walks and lived a very sheltered life. Last week my caretaker was placed in a nursing home and her caretaker who’s gift I really was sent me packing to Sophie’s Dog Adoption after the vet she called refused to euthanize me and asked what was she supposed to do, just leave me on a street corner and was given Sophie’s number as an alternative.

I’m really sweet, but at this point extremely frightened and skeptical of new people. Since I’m pee pee pad trained, Sophie is just letting me come around at my own pace and try to accustom myself to this big change in my life. Because of my fears I’m not good with kids, I see myself more with a senior citizen who would be calm and patient.


I’m Ti-Gallop and you can find my original story here: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet2904535.html

I’ve been in the same foster home since I arrived last Fall and I have learned that I’m no longer King.

I still have a bit of a bossy side to me, but since I am now structured and have rules, I have learned to respect authority and no longer bite when thins don’t go my way.

I love my foster home and they absolutely adore me but are students in a roommate situation and neither of them are in a position to commit for the next ten years. It will break their hearts when I leave but will be thrilled to know I’m getting a good home. So please make them happy by offering me that loving home.