I’m Ti-Gallop and you can find my original story here: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet2904535.html

I’ve been in the same foster home since I arrived last Fall and I have learned that I’m no longer King.

I still have a bit of a bossy side to me, but since I am now structured and have rules, I have learned to respect authority and no longer bite when thins don’t go my way.

I love my foster home and they absolutely adore me but are students in a roommate situation and neither of them are in a position to commit for the next ten years. It will break their hearts when I leave but will be thrilled to know I’m getting a good home. So please make them happy by offering me that loving home.

One thought on “Ti-Gallop”

  1. I am currently fostering Ti-Gallop. This dog is a treasure. It is hard to believe he hasnt been adopted yet. He likes to relax and sit on your lap. Totally housetrained and full of love. He would be perfect for someone looking for a relaxed friend!

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