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I have been named Gino and I’m a mutt. I’m a five year old male and kind of look like a Doberman & Shepherd mix. But hey, who’s to say for sure?

I spent the last year of my life living in a vacant house, as I kept running back from the new house my family moved to. They figured I like this home, so they just left me there alone. Someone would come let me out twice a day and feed me.

Over that period of time I became more withdrawn and I’m now a little nervous around new people. However, I’m very friendly, playful and very willing to learn whatever you will want to teach me.

It seems that I originally came from the CSPCA as a puppy, so I’m now looking to have a final and forever home with someone who will truly love me forever.



I am Felix, and no, I am not a cat. I’m in fact a big dog, 90lbs, and they say I’m a St-Bernard / Shepherd mix.

I am adorable, loving, sweet & friendly, and enjoy the company of other dogs as well as cats.

I’m almost 2 years old and looking for a new home. You see, my mom got a new boyfriend, and being “the one” since I was a baby, I became possessive of her, my home & my food.

So I need someone with experience with intimidating, big goofs like myself, and all will be well. I am super obedient and eager to please.

Je suis Félix, et non, je ne suis pas un chat.  En fait je suis un gros chien, 90lbs, et on dit que je suis un  St-Bernard / Berger Allemand.

Je suis adorable, affectueux, doux et gentil, et j’adore la compagnie d’autres chiens.  Je m’entend aussi très bien avec les chats.

J’ai 2 ans et je me cherche une nouvelle famille.  Vous voyez, ma mère s’est fait un nouveau chum, et étant “son homme” depuis mon tout jeune âge, je suis devenu possessif d’elle, de ma maison et de ma nourriture.

Je cherche donc quelqu’un qui a de l’expérience avec les gros bouffons intimidant comme moi, et tout ira bien.  Je suis super obéissant et toujours prêt a faire plaisir.


I’m Juno, a Husky Shepherd mix who was adopted about two years ago from the SPCA when I was between 8 months and a year. I’m now about two and half years old, an extremely active, dominant female, who requires a lot of exercise.

I’m a very smart and clever dog. I’ve been through obedience training and know all of the basic commands. I walk well on leash and stay close off leash. I spend lots of time outdoors and I enjoy all sorts of adventures.

I have two winters of skijorring and dogsledding experience and love to pull. I’m very loyal and follow my family around the property while they work outside. I really just want to be with people that I know. That being said I’m very unpredictable around strange people (especially males) and dogs.

I have a history of both human and dog aggression and I show no signs before attacking. In typical Husky fashion, I can switch from wagging my tale to an aggressive lunge in a split second. I’m a high maintenance dog that requires an experienced owner that has time to exercise me and work with me. I truly believe that I have the potential to become a balanced dog as I mature, because I have already come a long way since I was originally adopted.

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Unfortunately after all the work and efforts, I’m definitely not for a family with children. And that’s where the problem comes in. My family is at a time in their lives where little humans are the next planned step and that will never be possible with me around.

They do not want to wait until baby is on the way as they know I will be a challenge to find a home for.

Being the responsible parents they have always been to my brother Koda (adopted through Sophie’s Dog Adoption) and myself, they have decided to start helping me find the right home so everyone’s future can go in the right direction. They do not want to be waiting till the last minute. It is devastating for them but the best for their future children’s safety.


Went to work with Noushka the three-legged Shepherd that came from Lebanon in her potential forever home on some of her issues while walking on leash. Of course she was on her best behavior most of the walk but displayed some of her fears which should be resolved with a little work on the family’s part. If all continues to go well she should have her home shortly.