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Today Sophie got multiple calls about a lost dog and she is really hoping to reunite him with his family who is devastated.

Yesterday morning a 2 and a half year old Cocker Spaniel named Chestnut got lost running from Mountain Sights towards Powell street in TMR. He slipped out of his collar therefore has nothing around his neck and is a very frightened, fearful dog. Because of his fear he could easily bite if you approach him or grab him, so the best thing to do if you see him is try to lure him into an enclosed area such as a yard, inside a car, and enclosed porch and keep him there until someone can pick him up.

He will come towards other dogs in a friendly way so this could be a way to lure him back to your backyard or house and call to have someone pick him up.

If found or spotted, call Sophie at 514-998-7830 leaving a detailed message (if you do not reach anyone) and arrangements will be made to pick him up within the hour. There is a $1,000 dollar reward for his return.