Today Sophie got multiple calls about a lost dog and she is really hoping to reunite him with his family who is devastated.

Yesterday morning a 2 and a half year old Cocker Spaniel named Chestnut got lost running from Mountain Sights towards Powell street in TMR. He slipped out of his collar therefore has nothing around his neck and is a very frightened, fearful dog. Because of his fear he could easily bite if you approach him or grab him, so the best thing to do if you see him is try to lure him into an enclosed area such as a yard, inside a car, and enclosed porch and keep him there until someone can pick him up.

He will come towards other dogs in a friendly way so this could be a way to lure him back to your backyard or house and call to have someone pick him up.

If found or spotted, call Sophie at 514-998-7830 leaving a detailed message (if you do not reach anyone) and arrangements will be made to pick him up within the hour. There is a $1,000 dollar reward for his return.

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    1. Yes he is still missing. Once we hear he’s found the post will be updated to reflect such change and moved out of the lost category.

      We also think he was spotted pooping on someones lawn in TMR today or yesterday.


    2. Not sure about the lawn. He was possibly last spotted in the Lazard area of tmr.

      When driving around last night we heard barking from the cemetery, but no one came out for fries.

      The police also called asking questions about Chestnut due to the excess “foot” traffic in tmr. People out there don’t like getting disturbed.


  1. Hey Sophie, Josh and I stumbled upon this story and were immediately struck with sadness. We fostered for your organization back in 2008-2009, and were placed with Armand a cocker pup and JR a mini schnauzer for a few months amongst other adorable and memorable doggies. We browse your site from time to time hoping to see if they ended up with happy tails, but havent heard about either of the pups, Is chesnut Armand? Either way our prayers are with him and his family for safe and happy return.

    1. Sophie remembers both :) it’s way before this site and the old was replaced with Petfinder. Armand and JR should be there but it’s just the original text that gets switched automatically to the happy tails section once they get adopted.

      Armand was adopted right out of your place and has been doing great. JR is also doing fine and we’re hoping to see them at the reunion this year.

      Sophie is as busy as always.

      Chestnut was never one of Sophie’s, she offered to help spread the word in hopes he can be reunited with his owner.


    2. did someone find chestnut? where is he now? where was he last seen? if u can give me details about the dog and where was last i can try to find him.

      hope the owners find him soon!!!

  2. did someone find chestnut?where was he last seen, which street? where is he now if i see him will he come to me or run away. is there a chance that he will come to someone? or is he scared of people


  3. Is Chestnut found? or do i keep an eye out? do you think he would b in saint laurent or cote des neiges area?

    1. Chestnut is still missing, he could be anywhere now. By now I would think someone found him. At this point posters should be placed in vets and grooming salons. With the cold nights I don’t think he’s out running around town anymore. We need to find who found him as they might not be looking for his owners as he had no tags.


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