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I’m little Georgi, a six year old male, Maltese / Poodle mix and slightly overweight at the moment. Sadly, my old Mom recently passed away and Dad, being devastated by the events, has gone to live with family members.

I was always with them, but now that there is not always someone with me I became a little anxious. Life has become to stressful for the family members so they called Sophie’s Dog Adoption in hopes of finding me a new home for the rest of my life.

I’m a little shy and nervous around new people but have a very friendly and sweet side once you know me. I had to be shaved down because of a lack of regular brushing, but my hair will grow in somewhat curly.


Hambone’s the name and alone’s the game! You see I am now six years old and looking for my third home.

I’m a Treeing Walker Coonhound and Sophie’s Dog Adoption rescued me from Georgia (USA) in 2007 along with two other retired hunters and were nicknamed the “3 Amigos”. We all were on death’s doorstep and were lucky enough to find homes as family dogs here in Quebec.

Unfortunately for me I became a statistic as I was returned due to “life changes” for my new found family. First they separated, I went to live with him. Now the opportunity to travel came up and “he” decided I wasn’t going. You would think that “she” would take me back but claims she can’t because of “her” situation.

The really sad thing is that it was decided since September 2010 that I was being returned, and it was obvious to Sophie when I arrived that I was totally neglected for the last five months, as I was almost as skinny and starved as when I was taken off death row.

My nails were so long my toes were crooked and I had peed all over my self from being left in a cage too long. Sophie was so upset with them for doing this to me as for first two years she really thought I had found the perfect home.

It goes to show that statistics don’t lie, just like Bert, Maverick, Levi 3, we came back with in five years of being adopted.

You have to know that in those three years I became a well adjusted city dog and my only little drawback is the fact that I like to chase cats and squirrels. I’m great with all dogs, love people and gentle enough for older kids.