Teddy 3

I’m Teddy 3, a 9 year old Schnauzer mix, who ended up at Sophie’s Dog Adoption for the same reason as many others; My mom was placed in a nursing home and no family member wanted to take me in.

I’m such a great dog and so easy to live with that I just don’t understand why I can’t spend my last years with family members. I guess when our folks are no longer able to care for us, unlike the TV that everyone will fight over, us pets are looked at as the garbage that nobody wants.

So here I am hoping to find a wonderful family, one who will help me get in shape (I’m slightly overweight), take good care of me (I hadn’t seen a vet since 2003) and love me until my final days.

I love people, great with other dogs, wonderful to stay home alone and just an overall fantastic dog.

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