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I’m Kiki! I’m looking for a new home and hopefully a new name. I’m a two year old Schnauzer / Maltese but I didn’t look like much until my new haircut.

I have very few bad habits, one is that I was trained on peepee pads and the other is I became quite barky. I used to live with 4 other little dogs and everybody barked and ran around and we really had no structure.

I am however proving to be a quick learner and would probably do best if I’m the only dog. The reason for that is I can pick up or show bad habits as I get easily distracted, alone I would learn faster.

If you love doggy kisses, then I’m your man.

I get along with pretty much everything and everyone, I’m just a happy go lucky little dog who needs a stable and loving home.



I am a beautiful, BIG girl, named Fidji. I am a 3 ½ year old Giant Schnauzer and according to everyone who’s met me so far, I hear them say that I am stunning. However, not stunning enough to be loved forever by my first home, after a divorce I was still loved, but now a new “fiancée” has taken my place, and I have been intimidating her, so the answer is to give me up…..That’s a dog’s life in Quebec, no matter how stunning, wonderful, loving and well behaved you might be, one little thing wrong and we’re gone!

Weighing 102 lbs at the moment, I could lose 5 lbs or so, but I am not considered overweight. I am just a big female.

I have basic training; I am very sweet with other dogs, cats and kids. However, I am what is known as a “dominant bitch” and being my size, I need to be with a family who knows the breed. Schnauzers are a dominant breed by nature, and I am certainly no exception. My foster home will work with me on some of this dominance, as I tend to lean into you, sit on your feet, and can easily lift up my lips and growl to intimidate anyone who’s “annoying” me….

Other than that little character trait, I am very gentle, listen very well, a little anxious maybe but not fearful. I can stay alone during the day, and basically if you know Schnauzers, I am the best!

Teddy 3

I’m Teddy 3, a 9 year old Schnauzer mix, who ended up at Sophie’s Dog Adoption for the same reason as many others; My mom was placed in a nursing home and no family member wanted to take me in.

I’m such a great dog and so easy to live with that I just don’t understand why I can’t spend my last years with family members. I guess when our folks are no longer able to care for us, unlike the TV that everyone will fight over, us pets are looked at as the garbage that nobody wants.

So here I am hoping to find a wonderful family, one who will help me get in shape (I’m slightly overweight), take good care of me (I hadn’t seen a vet since 2003) and love me until my final days.

I love people, great with other dogs, wonderful to stay home alone and just an overall fantastic dog.


I come from Hemmingford and I’ve been named Dawg. I’m a Schnauzer mix, male, approximately 8 months old and I came out of nowhere and bolted in front of a car late one night. Not knowing what to do with me as there were no pounds, shelters nor vets open in the area they brought me back to Montreal and here I am with Sophie’s Dog Adoption. The couple who found me stopped at a groomers to have the burrs and ice chunks taken out of my hair, by the looks of me I had been wandering for a couple of days.

It turns out I’m a good boy, friendly, affectionate, get along with other dogs and pretty much housetrained. I’m a big hit and should be adopted quickly as someone has already fallen in love with me.


I have been named Simona. I was found running in the middle of a busy street at rush hour, and I looked a mess. If you look at my picture, it gives you an idea of what I looked like. The other pictures are me now! Can’t wait till the hair grows back nice and shiny.

I am about 10 years old, have some cataracts in both eyes, and my teeth all had to be removed. I was not yet spayed, my nails were curled around so far it’s a wonder I got as far as I got. I could barely walk as they were digging into my pads.

My hair was one big matted pile, I had to be shaved down like a rat, and pop – my ears popped up! It looks under all that messy hair, like I might have some Schnauzer and Shih-Tzu.

I am very skittish, not yet housetrained to go outside but seem to know paper training to some point, but I am very sweet and gentle. Quiet as can be, mellow, but yet playful and loving.

By the way, I am great with cats, dogs, kids as well as people. The only drawback now is I can only eat soft foods, but I was unable to eat anyway with my rotted teeth. So I don’t mind, it’s better tasting anyway!