Tiger 2

Better late than never! I’m Tiger 2 the five year old Poodle and I’m finally getting out of Sophie’s place for a few weeks. I’m taking Jika’s place in that foster home until September 7th, at which time I will need again a new foster home.

During this two week period, the foster mom will work with me on socialization, fearfulness, leash walking etc… and also give me structure and sense of security that I have been trying to achieve since I was rescued from that miserable life back in January.

Help spread the word to help me find someone by September 7th to adopt or foster me on a longer term basis. What I need most right now is stability.

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  1. sophie….i read what you wrote and was shocked now i am wondering …aside from that tell me more if you can about theis poodle tiger
    where was he in january and why was it terrible….is he ok with another dog my chow chow female is older 11 plus and not well wold he be nice to her if i were to foster him ……how old id you say he was

    1. He’s about 5 years old. I personally don’t know much more then what’s posted on the first Tiger 2 post here regarding his past.


      He’s good with pets but not with kids or strangers. I’ll have Sophie contact you with a foster application and more info about him, if interested. As mentioned on the first post we need to find him a stable foster or permanent home.

      Tiger 2 spent a few days here with us at Sophie’s and the pack without any problems.


  2. Hi,
    I adopted Tiger’s sister, Princess/now Willow. I could not be happier, she is getting along great with my other dog I have. Sophie I would like to thank you again for the new addition to our lives.

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