This is Youshi the young Yorkie mix who was recently adopted. I have a new name, Henry, and a wonderful new family who adores me.

They just sent Sophie and update to tell her that I am absolutely perfect for them. I had a few accidents in the beginning, but I have taken on to the routine and adjusted to my new life very quickly. They give me daily exercise, structure, discipline and of course lots of love. I have proven to be very mellow and a charm to be around. They don’t understand how two families could of given me up.

One thought on “Youshi”

  1. We are Henry’s new extended family and are so happy to have him with us!

    He is the 2nd adopted dog in our family and each one has been amazing! it’s incredible what a little discipline and a lot of love can do for a dog!

    keep up the great work!

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