Tino the Tripod

My name is Tino and I’m a tripod. I came to this beautiful country just before the ban so I’ve been waiting for my new home for a year now. I was about 2 years old, so that makes me almost 3 years old now.

I’m a beautiful mutt, a common street dog, from Lebanon, and some idiot decided to hit me with his car.  It’s kind of a “sport” over there. Thankfully someone witnessed it, and rescued me.

My leg couldn’t be saved, so amputation was the way to go. And “go”, I can! You’d never know I am missing a leg. I can run, play, jump, climb stairs, just like any other smart dog. 

I’m an active dog who LOVES people, I greet everyone who comes over and I have a lovely goofy side! I even sing karaoke with my foster mom! We can also do “car karaoke” since I adore going for rides.

Even though I’m a sweetheart and very affectionate, I am jealous and protective when it comes to other pets. I don’t want to share my human with another dog, and certainly NOT a cat. Therefore it is best that I be “the” dog in your life. Kids can be a part of that, if they’re gentle and dog savvy.

I can stay home while you’re gone, and my big voice would scare a robber.  Of course I know that my bathroom is outdoors, so no worries there.

My one and only FAULT, I’m strong. Walking me can be challenging especially if I see dogs, squirrels or other critters on my walks. I’m a big strong boy, so you need to be stronger or willing to teach me. It won’t get better without help! I’d rather run around free, but in this free world, I need to be on a leash I can’t run free. The irony 🤣.

I’ll make you laugh, I’ll keep you warm, I’ll be your best friend if you give me that chance.

To apply, visit http://www.sophiesdogadoption.com/application-forms/adoption-form/ and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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