This is Petey once again! I have found my next foster home and moved in today, hopefully until I finally get that loving family that I am searching for.

I really am a charmer, everyone who has known me so far has totally fallen in love with me. Unfortunately, of all the people I’ve met, none of those were looking to adopt a dog. I’m just so irresistible I can’t figure out why no one is inquiring about me.

2 thoughts on “Petey”

  1. Is Petey adopted? Does he have any behaviour issues and can he be left alone during the day? He looks like such a sweetie!

    1. Petey currently has an application pending so he’s on hold for that application. Feel free to email requesting an application since we have over 30 dogs looking for “forever homes”. Once an application is approved, it’s good any other dog. As far as I know he is good alone, but that’s information the foster home knows more about as they live with him, once an application is approved that’s when you’re put in touch with the foster for said dog, so you can ask about his daily habits and meet the dog then.


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