Chico 5

My name is Chico 5, and this is my story.  I am a little over 4 years old, and was given up because I was pretty much running the house.   I lived with teens, and had even started biting them when things didn’t go my way.  My game was showing my teeth, growling, and trying to bite (sometimes succeeding) everyone who even looked at me, let alone touch me.

So the only rescue who agreed to take a little devil like me was Sophie’s Dog Adoption. She already knew I would need some serious ‘boot camp’ restructuring, and she was right.  I am a truly charming, wonderful, loving little dude, but I will test my limits.

I also came to Sophie in such a state of neglect, that was reason alone to bite.  It took her 5 hours of grooming spread over 2 days.  I had a thickness of matted undercoat at least 2 inches.  She literally had to shave me down with a surgical blade as nothing would go through that.  My ears were sticking out to the side they were so thick from matted hair.

Now that I am shaved like a rat (she left me some bangs and somewhat of a tail), I am a whole new dude.  I didn’t even know I had ears, now that they ‘flop’, they actually bug me and I’ve tried to shake them off.  Sophie says it is sad to see this, she sees it way too often.

But now I am in Heaven.  Being structured, trained, socialized with dogs, cats, and getting to learn that I am no longer King of the Castle, no longer Boss, I am the little Chico who needs to respect humans.  And I am proving to be a great student.

Obviously I could revert to my old ways, so someone very alpha and/or experienced with devils like me is the only way to go.  Ideally no kids, or very experienced one as well, not too young, but other than that pretty much any kind of loving, structured, active family would be great for me.

I have proven to be clean in the house, not destructive, don’t have separation anxiety and we’re working on the barking.  I’m hoping for a home before I have to change foster homes, as I am in a very temporary place right now while doing the major training work!

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