I’m Coconut the big Shih-tzu mix who came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption about a month ago looking for a new home. I was quite popular and after serious screening, my potential home was found.

I went to meet them all today and I like them so much that I asked if I could spend the night. Sophie said yes and because I had not yet been neutered due to a shortage of appointments, she will pick me up tomorrow night and will return me from the chop-chop shop just in time for my new brother’s birthday. He will get his birthday gift, I will get my adoption goody bag, and what a party we’re going to have. I’m counting the nights until that celebration day.

Update: My adoption was finalized Tuesday and I arrived pulling Sophie out of the car leading the way with my goody bag.

One thought on “Coconut”

  1. Si j’ai bien compris, j’aimerais savoir si Coconut, votre shih-tzu croisé, revenait au refuge, pourrais-je être avertie ou me mettre en attente pour l’adoption. Suis-je arrivée trop tard? je visite votre site régulièrement et je ne l’avais pas remarqué.
    Je vous remercie de retenir ma demande si cela ne fonctionnerais pas avec sa nouvelle famille mais je leur souhaite tout le bonheur du monde. Je procèderais
    par le processus d’adoption. Merci de considérer ma demande. Johanne

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