Fluffy 2

My name is Fluffy 2 and I’m a 10 and half year old male Shih-tzu. But hey, don’t let my age fool you. I’m still very healthy, very active for my age, barely starting some cataracts, the only thing really is my teeth will probably need a good cleaning within the next year.

I have been living with Tyson 5, a Pug, but now we are both looking for homes. Even though I have lived with him for the last 8 years, we never really bonded closely and were always quite independent of one another. So we are being split up for adoption, which is fine with both of us.

I love toys especially balls and can amuse myself while your at work, I’m fully house trained, hardly ever bark, and love going for my daily walks. When Sophie came to pick us up, I went to greet her right away, brought her my ball, and hopped on her lap to give her kisses and receive some affection. I’m good with other dogs, love people, and don’t have a mean bone in me. Because of my age I would see myself with an older person who wants an easy companion to hug and cuddle with.

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