They (people) call me Shelby, I am a young female Sheltie who was found as a stray near a local park in Montreal. I’m about one year old, was very scared when I was found, it took over an hour to be able to catch me as I would come up to people but then would run off as soon as they extended their hands or showed me a leash.

Eventually I was caught and when Sophie came to pick me up, I bit her hand out of fear. After more then three weeks, no one seems to be looking for me as there have been no posters put up in the area, no ads posted on the net, no calls into the S.P.C.A and no response to any ads posted about me being found.

Sophie has now decided it’s time to find me a new home. What I’ve been able to show so far, since I cant talk is that I was fully paper trained (it took days before I would even do anything outside), I had never had a leash and collar around my neck (as it took a lot of struggling and some biting to get the collar around my neck), but I have now learned to go out on a leash and do my business outside.

I’m playful and enjoy the company of other dogs, a bit afraid of strangers, more specifically men, but getting better at meeting new people. I am extremely sweet and affectionate, love giving kisses and getting attention from people I trust.

Sophie thinks I may have lived with a senior lady who didn’t really take me out much, however seemed to take very good care of me as I am healthy and have been very well groomed and taken care of.  Someone is probably missing me out there, just like I miss having a home of my own.

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