Tyson 5

I’m Tyson 5, the almost 9 year old Pug who was living with Fluffy 2 and like him I am looking for a home.

I’m the funniest and really cutest of the two. I’m short and stocky, make all those alienish Pug noises, and when Sophie arrived I actually beat Fluffy 2 to her lap and was already kissing her face by the time he was wagging his tail trying to get her attention.

So I’m even more affectionate then Fluffy 2, even though I’m a bit less active despite my younger age, because of my breed and shape.

I’m already getting white in the face which makes me look my age, but just like Fluffy 2, don’t let that fool you as I’m very healthy and active. I also enjoy my daily walks, and can also stay alone while you’re gone to work.

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