Luna 3

My name is Luna 3, and I am another victim of a fraudulent group who pretends to be a dog rescue organization. They did pull me off death row from the pound, I have to thank them for that, but I almost ended up right back at a pound if Sophie had not been able to take me in.

You see, this group preys on peoples’ emotions to get us out, but since they don’t know anything about us, they plop us with anyone whose heart goes out to us, people who want to ‘help’ but not necessarily adopt us, and we end up stuck with the wrong families for different reasons.

So here I am, looking for a home that will in fact be the right one for me, and for whom I will be the right dog. I do have some issues, my past is unknown, but Sophie thinks I have been a puppymill or backyard breeder dog who was eventually ‘discarded’. I had many trust issues, lots of anxiety, very nervous and stressed, and even though a lot of time, effort and patience has been put in working with me, I still need work.

So I am looking for a home who will know Terriers, who will have experience with rescued dogs, and who will be knowledgeable enough to really work with me to become a true, well-adjusted little girl.

I am about 4-5 years old, and look a lot like a Norwich Terrier, but taller. So I am most definitely a mix, and maybe not at all from Norwich! I have wiry hair, and do shed.

It’s time for me to stop going from ‘life to life’ and settle down with a true, forever family for the rest of my natural life.

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