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They call me Buffy but I’m no vampire slayer! I’m what you would call a Lebanese Terrier. You see, I’m a small Terrier mix who just arrived from Beirut, Lebanon. Not much is known about my past other than my siblings and I ended up at the Beirut shelter. We were part of the “Lucky Ones” who made the trip to Montreal recently in order to find the meaning of a wonderful life in Canada.

My siblings, along with a couple of other refugees, went to a rescue group in Ontario and I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, where I will soon fly to Alberta to be reunited with BJ, a former Beirut refugee who was adopted through Sophie’s Dog Adoption back in 2009.

I’m approximately 5 years old, female and friendly as can be. I love people, exploring this new world and even like the fashions. I’m may get used to this lifestyle very quickly. I’m just a happy story as I didn’t even need to wait for Sophie to find me a home, BJ’s family wanted me before I even landed in Montreal.