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On St-Patrick’s Day 2012, I landed at Dorval Airport from Beirut, Lebanon. My given name is Baguerra, I was found running like mad, dodging traffic on a busy Lebanon highway.

The lady who caught me before I ended up flat on the road brought me back to the only shelter in Beirut, and I have been there ever since. I was just a teeny puppy of less than 3 months at the time, and here we are 5 years later, as a landed immigrant, looking for that home I’ve spent years dreaming of.

Black dogs in Lebanon are just not adopted and I am the proof. So now that I am here and see lots of black dogs walking with humans, I’m thrilled.

I already learned going up steps and hope to go down very soon. It’s a lot of learning waiting for me, but you’ll see, I will be the best student ever!!

I will never pick-up bad habits if you teach me the way, and I will love you forever and ever. I will never abandon you. I love giving kisses and being petted, and I would love sharing my new home with kids, cats, dogs or whatever else lives there.


They call me Buffy but I’m no vampire slayer! I’m what you would call a Lebanese Terrier. You see, I’m a small Terrier mix who just arrived from Beirut, Lebanon. Not much is known about my past other than my siblings and I ended up at the Beirut shelter. We were part of the “Lucky Ones” who made the trip to Montreal recently in order to find the meaning of a wonderful life in Canada.

My siblings, along with a couple of other refugees, went to a rescue group in Ontario and I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, where I will soon fly to Alberta to be reunited with BJ, a former Beirut refugee who was adopted through Sophie’s Dog Adoption back in 2009.

I’m approximately 5 years old, female and friendly as can be. I love people, exploring this new world and even like the fashions. I’m may get used to this lifestyle very quickly. I’m just a happy story as I didn’t even need to wait for Sophie to find me a home, BJ’s family wanted me before I even landed in Montreal.


My name is Pooch, I will be arriving from Beirut, Lebanon as soon as we can find a flight to take me here.

I am maybe an Australian Terrier mix, but it is really hard to say. I am about ** years old, and was found in pretty bad condition after being hit by a car and left there to die on the streets of Beirut.

I was brought to the shelter up there, the vets thought I would never walk again as I seemed to be totally paralyzed from the rear end. They made me a wheelchair to get around in, and all of a sudden, miraculously, one day I was all better! Now I am running around, playing, being a real dog and am looking forward to a real life in Canada, in the snow, playing with a family and having a real bed to sleep in. The shelter is wonderful up there, but I hear of stories from my buddies who came up before me, and they say they’re in Heaven!

So I want my chance too at the American Dream, a loving family, a winter coat and boots, my own dish and bed and friends to play with at the dog park! Wow, it sounds too good to be true.


My name is Bodi, I am a 7 year old Lebanese Teckel mix. Yup, I came all the way from Beirut in hopes of finding a home. I travelled a long way, with Sunny 2 and Leslie, 2 of my shelter buddies.

We have been in a shelter in Beirut for too long, with all the bombs going off all the time, some of the people there wanted us to have a chance at a better life, so we were sent here, to beautiful Montreal.

I am almost completely blind from cataracts, and my hearing is not so great. However, I seem to have no handicaps as I get around very well. I am very friendly, love belly rubs, get along with everyone and love car rides.